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I would like to have a Polish girl (You, My Wife :-)), have our children and live in my house in Italy

: niedziela, 18 października 2020, 18:44
autor: Claudio
I'm Italian - Dutch, brown hair, 1.85 m., 85 kg, 36, entrepreneur and lived some years in Poland. I love the Polish culture and would love to have a Polish girlfriend who becomes my wife, the mother of our children and live with me in my home in Italy.
Because of the weather and beach I would love to live in Italy with our family but airport is closebye and by that Poland is just 2 hours away so we can fly to family in Poland easy.

I would like to meet a nice girl (age doesn't matter, it's about our click) who would like to have family and enjoy life the rest of our lives together.. 👦 💖🤰❤️👶❤️👶

Please do ask all you would like to know, it gives me a legal excuse to ask all about you 😉


Please write me a private message and leave your emailadress, I am looking forward to hear from you 😊