I give you a baby.

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I give you a baby.

Post autor: Doswiadczonamama » środa, 21 lutego 2018, 13:44

I am 31 years old and I m already born for you a baby.

I have 170cm hazel eyes of normal body build
I have my children and now I want to help again, but only to the decisive couples and marriages who take the help they want to give seriously.
I am a healthy woman without addictions and genetic strain.
Fertilization only by in vitro or insemination.
I invite you to contact me.

I have a blood group 0RH +
I will give you my email in private message.

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Re: I give you a baby.

Post autor: Xime » piątek, 23 lutego 2018, 22:27


We are searching for a surrogate mother that is single (not married) with blood group RH+ like you.

We live in Berlin, we are married and since 4 years we are trying to become parents.

We are in treatment in a clinik in Brno Check republic. You will have to come with us there only one time to make the transfer from 1 of our emryo.

We offer 14.000€.

500€ the first 3 months, because they are the most dificult, after 1.000€ every month and the rest at birth.

Can you please tell me in wish city do you live?

Please contact us to: ximena.dietrich@gmx.de


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Re: I give you a baby.

Post autor: Maja2014 » piątek, 6 kwietnia 2018, 07:41

Hello, we are interested. We are looking for a determined person, we are also ready for cooperation. We live in the Netherlands, where are you from? what nationality are you? I come from Poland and my husband is Dutch. please contact me at editahandbike @ gmail