sperm donor or co-parenting - Warsaw

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sperm donor or co-parenting - Warsaw

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The advert is for those who are looking for a sperm donor or for women who want to have a common child to look after and care together-co-parenting.
I am highly educated, I have completed several fields of study, I have no addictions or bad habits, no genetic diseases, I am healthy, athletic and in generally I am very nice man by character.
I direct my advertisement not only to Polish women, but mainly to all foreign women in need living in Warsaw (not only from capitol city women), regardless of age, nationality and religion.

About me: Ege: 38. Height: 178 cm. Weight: 70 kg. Body: fit. Eye color: hazel. Hair color: dark.

Do not hesitate to contact me here or on private e-mail:
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Re: sperm donor

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still actual until resigne