Polish sperm donor for English speakers interesting in above subject

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Polish sperm donor for English speakers interesting in above subject

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Hello everyone who is interested in my announcement. Regardless of what reason you are here, it is my job to help you.

I am open to all types of help aimed at successful fertilization. I am available to the woman who wants to remain anonymous and to the one of you who believes that the child should know the paternal roots and had contact with me on mutually agreed terms.

About me: Polish white, dark hair, 40 years old, 178 height,74 weight, dark eyes / blood group 0Rh +. I am educated 4 faculties at a reputable university) and life resourceful. I have no sexually transmitted diseases, no addictions, bad habits or genetic diseases (confirmed by research). I have the necessary current research, i.e. genetic, semen, venereal, hcv, hbv, hiv).

I live in Warsaw, but this does not exclude cooperation with other regions in the country or abroad. You can always find a way out of the situation in the event that you will be from outside Warsaw. Knowing the days of ovulation, I will responsibly adapt to them and do my best to meet and fertilize.
I am considering cup / home or clinic insemination.
Various other variants possible after getting along. I'm mobile so it's likely I'll go wherever you need me.