Tall, athletic, registered donor - Warsaw and its surroundings. [EN]

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Tall, athletic, registered donor - Warsaw and its surroundings. [EN]

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I am a foreigner living in Warsaw and am an experienced donor at a clinic in my own country.
Someone told me that it is very difficult for couples, especially lesbian couples, to access fertility treatments in Poland, so decided to post here to see if I could help people privately.

As I wrote, my motivation is just that I would like to be able to help bring new life into the world, so I would prefer to use the cup method.

Because I am a registered donor, I have been thoroughly tested for any diseases and I am in very good health. I have also had genetic testing (the Myriad Foresight Carrier Screen).

I am not looking to participate in the child’s life, but when they are older, if they would like to meet me, of course, I am open to this.

Send me a private message if you would like to arrange a meeting. I can share some details from my donor consent form and some childhood photos, but please do not share these with anyone (apart from your partner of course)

Physical characteristics:
35 years
Blue eyes
Brown hair
Blood type A+
Very healthy and athletic
About me:
Creative job and hobbies
Sperm tested at the sperm bank
126 million
69% progressive motility
10% normal

Have a good day :)
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Re: Tall, athletic, registered donor - Warsaw and its surroundings. [EN]

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Hello arę you still helping? Iść it possible you could contact me on my e-mail agnesflorida@yahoo.com
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